Public calendars

Overview #

Some venues may wish to display their calendar publicly so that visitors can see what’s on, or so that potential customers can see when rooms are free. You can either display the calendar from the MyHallWizard application or embed the calendar into your own website.

When someone views the public calendar, they are able to view the various bookings, but they are not able to change them or create new bookings.  Clicking on a booking displays the booking name, date and times, rooms booked and details.  So feel free to use the Booking Name and Details fields of your bookings to promote the event.

For privacy, no information about the customer is displayed, and the Admin Notes field from the booking is hidden, as this field is intended for your personal notes as a bookings administrator. If the details of the booking are also to be kept private, remember to set the Booking Name to something non-descript when you enter the booking, such as “Private Booking” and to leave the Details field blank.

Enabling the Public Calendar #

The public calendar is switched off by default.  But it is easy for the venue owner to configure it.  Simply go to the Settings menu and choose Calendar Settings.

… then click Enable Public Calendar Display.

You will be suggested a URL for your public calendar page, but you can change this if you wish.  The URL must consist of lower case letters, numbers and hyphens only.

Once you are ready, don’t forget to click Save Changes.

The public calendar is now set up. You can visit it using the URL you set up. For example, in the screenshot shown above, the public calendar is available at

Embedding the calendar into your website #

The simplest way is to link to the Public Calendar URL from your website. However, you can also embed the calendar into your venue’s own website.  Simply copy the HTML code shown on the screen into your own webpage.

If you use WordPress for your website,  use an HTML block in the Gutenberg editor.

Now when you view the webpage, you will see the calendar.

If you need help with embedding, please speak to your web designer.